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  Rick Halpern and Maica Gugolati from Workplaces interview Katya Lachowicz on the film Silvertown. Workplaces Past and Present brings together international scholars in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, South Africa, and Bangladesh to investigate, in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way, the past and present of the workplace. It is especially concerned to move across the divides between the global North and South, between different disciplines, and between different methods and orientations. The project draws on a range methodologies and on tools in the digital humanities and social sciences to archive, curate, and disseminate results and findings to audiences of students, scholars, activists, and the general public.  To read the interview and view the film: Interview with Katya Lachowicz The docks were formed by the hands of migrant labourers; they became centr

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