The Others (3 Channel Screening 2013) | Short Film

"The Others" (2013)

3-Channel Split Screen HD Film Projection (9 x 2.5m)

The Others is a three-channel experimental documentary that explores the underlying emotions of modern Polish identity politics, caught up in the polarised narratives of nationalism and religion. Dipping in and out of bombastic political commemorations and the elusive remains of multiculturalism, it observes both the construction of a national Polish identity while simultaneously constructing itself. The footage is

expanded or displaced across three screens, subtitles linger, screens switch on and off, visuals change and move, as the three screen construction works toward a self-reflexive film practice that critically positions itself in the interplay between the production and representation of fact and fiction.

Premiered on the 4th July 2013, HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany 
12th July - 24th August 2013 HGB Gallery, Leipzig, Germany 
21st - 25th June 2015, SIEF2015 12th Congress: Zagreb, Croatia

Suggested projection plan 

Image of set up before the exhibition at the HGB


Anonymous said…
Great work! I watched this movie two times, and I am seriously impressed. I very much hope it gets the intention it deserves. Sven

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