Katya Lachowicz is an artist researcher whose practice delves into the liminal spaces between fiction and reality with a particular audio-visual sensibility. Interests include art and politics, resistance, rhetoric, infrastructures and bio-political geographies.

Current doctoral student at Goldsmiths University investigating futurity across two political imaginaries in the south of Spain: The neoliberal greenhouse model on the coastline of Almería and the self-sufficient communities in the mountains above. Cutting across both sites, the research seeks to understand the mechanics of progress and collapse in the politics of futurity through a multimodal perspective. 


Email: katya.lachowicz(a)gmail.com
Website: www.katyalachowicz.com
Instagram: @katyasartstudio

Doing and Undoing with Anthropology
EASA, Barcelona, 23-26th July 2024

Europe’s Past, Present, and Future: Utopias and Dystopias
Council for European Studies, University of Iceland, 21st-25th June 2021

Rethinking Crisis, Resistance and Strategy
Historical Materialism Conference, Panteion University, Athens, Greece, 2nd-5th May 2019

The Fourth International Conference on Visual Representations of the Other
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, Sofia, Bulgaria, 
2nd-5th December 2015

SIEF2015: Utopias, Realities, Heritages: Ethnographies for the 21st Century, 
Zagreb, Croatia, 21st - 25th June 2015

Contextualizing ChangesMigrations, Shifting Borders and New Identities in Eastern Europe, Dom na Uchenia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 8th - 10th October 2014


Dolores & Friends, Kensington Library Cinema, London, UK, 29th February 2020  

Hyper-reality & Anthropology: Film Screening and Conversation with Katya Lachowicz
UCL, London, UK, 7th December 2018

Stereotypy o Polsce / Stereotypes about Poland, Brain Damage Gallery, Rewiry Centre for Culture, Lublin, Poland, 24th June - 8th July 2016

Cultural Clash Nomade, Espace Duplex, Geneva, Switzerland,
30th August - 22nd September 2013

Begehungen Art Festival no. 8, You Are Leaving the Area of Responsibility
Justizvollzugsanstalt (Prison) Kaßberg, Chemnitz, Germany, 18th - 21st August 2011

Pavilion X, 
Galerija Jakopič, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 
19th October - 15th November 2010

Klang im Namen des Raumes, 
Im Namen des Raumes, Berlin, Germany, 
18th July - 29th August 2010

Blockade I, Universal Cube, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Germany, 
1st - 30th May 2010
Resonanzen: Festival für Hörkunst, 
Tapetenwerk, Leipzig, Germany, 
15th - 18th April 2010


2015-2018 MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology, University College London (UCL)
2009-2013 Dipl. (MA) in Media Arts, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (HGB) Germany
2008-2009 Guest student at Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (HGB) Germany
2007-2008 BA in Drawing, University of Arts, Camberwell, London, UK
2006-2007 FdA in Fine Arts, University of Arts London, Byam Shaw (CSM), UK


2013 Member of organisational team for the Cultural Clash Nomade film programme

2012 Member of organisational team for experimental film festival 'Avantgarde ist keine Strömung III', Luru Kino, Leipzig, Germany

2011 Member of team leading a political art workshop and exhibition as part of the festival 'Dialog der Kulturen' in partnership with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Murmansk, Russia

2009 Member of curatorial team IAG for the media art exhibition 'Talk Talk – Interview all Künstlerische Praxis' at the HGB Gallery in Leipzig, which later travelled onto Kunstverein Medienturm in Graz and Galerie 5020 in Salzburg as part of Steirischer Herbst Festival


2013 DAAD Student Award
2012 Film Funding from the Free State of Saxony Arts Council (KdFS)
2011 Sponsorship from Nubert, Thomann, and In-Akustik for sound installation
2009 NGBK / UQBAR residency, Tourist Syndrome: Transient Spaces, Palanga, Lithuania
2005 Second prize in SKOFFKA Festival of Young Cinema, Kinoteka, Warsaw, Poland


With Jim Donaghey – Mutual Aid Versus Volunteerism: Autonomous PPE Production in the Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis, Capital & Class, 46(3), 2022, pp. 427-447

'The Gourmet Nazi: Nationalism's Base in Privilege over Poverty' [2018] in (eds.) D'Urbano, A., Möller, C., Cultural Clash NomadeInstitut für Buchkunst Leipzig, 2021, pp.78-80

'Nouvelles d'Iran', Agitation Autonome [French], August 2019

'The Cultivation of Image in the Multimedial Landscape of the Polish Film Chronicle' in (eds.) Demski D., Kassabova, A., Kristóf I., Laineste L., Baraniecka-Olszewska K., The Multimedialized Other: The Construction of Reality in East-Central Europe 1945-1980, L'Harmattan, 2017, pp.198-213 



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