SILVERTOWN (2018) | Short film

Silvertown (2018) is a hypnotic journey through the drastically changing landscapes of the London docklands. Using the idea of a dock as a floating axis, the film embarks on a psycho-geographical exploration of both under and over-ground terrains. The camera intimately searches for meaning: Lexical forms of representation found in traces of materials and human history. But very few words are indeed spoken and the objects, materials and people seem to live a silenced existence. The docks were formed by the hands of migrant labourers, they became centres of commerce and were later abandoned. They became the sites of airports, exchanges of a vertical axis from the depths of the underground.

Silvertown is an audio-visual collaboration between filmmaker Katya Lachowicz and sound artist Clelia Patrono. 
Headphones recommended. 

See a preview of the work at the Hyper-Reality & Anthropology screening on 7th December 2018Registration on Eventbrite or Facebook. Update: Tickets are now sold out, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail for the link and password for online viewing if it is password protected at any time (see link below).


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