SILVERTOWN (2018) | Short film

Silvertown (2018) is a hypnotic journey through the drastically changing landscapes of the London docklands. Using the idea of a dock as a floating axis, the film embarks on a psycho-geographical exploration of both under and over-ground terrains. Its multiple reflections and intermittent disturbances challenge the pursuit of infinite growth and hint at the tales of migration, labour and rhetoric that have sustained it.

The camera intimately searches for meaning: Lexical forms of representation found in traces of materials and human history. But very few words are indeed spoken and the objects, materials and people seem to live a suspended existence. There is no narrated story, instead it is the musical score that accompanies the viewer from one image to the next, engaging on a more sensory level.

Silvertown is an audio-visual collaboration between filmmaker Katya Lachowicz and sound artist Clelia Patrono.

See a preview of the work at the Hyper-Reality & Anthropology screening on 7th December 2018Registration on Eventbrite or Facebook. Update: Tickets are now sold out, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail for the link and password for online viewing if it is password protected at any time (see link below).


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