Inter-Channel Translation (2008) | Video

Video / 4:55 minutes / Monitor

Inter-Channel Translation (2008) is a video work which digitally processes an analogue written documentation of a series of discussions heard on a train journey from London to Paris in March 2007.

The written documentation of discussions heard on the train is combined with a non-textual symbolic system attempting to locate the given discussion. This symbolic system is loosely appropriated from a form of dance notation from Laban. The »I« in the middle is the constant. It is from where I and the viewer perceive the surrounding space. The oval around this constant provides information as to the direction of conversation. Moreover the text at the bottom of the image indicates the time and seat number.

The recorded observations are entirely subjective. However the film is no longer a documentation of the time and place. Nor is there any sound. The information has been processed and something has been lost. 

Below is an experiment in the musicalisation of seating patterns: 


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