The Making of History, Present and Future Nr. 2 (2011) | Audio-Installation

4 speakers installed in foyer, audio cable, amplifier

The Making of History, Present and Future (2010) was shown as part of the Begehungen Festival Chemnitz 18. - 21.08.2011 entitled "You are Leaving the Area of Responsibility". This time in form of a shorter audio installation with four speakers inconspicuously installed in the entrance of the Ka├čberg prison, a former Stasi prison for political prisoners. The audio guide was played as a type of 'official welcome' message for the visitors of the prison-turned-art festival which was heard before proceeding to view the other works of art allocated in the cells on the left and right of the atrium. The work questioned the very placement of an art exhibition about social responsibility in a former prison. To what degree was the social responsibility upheld by the Begehungen Festival?


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