The Making of History, Present and Future (2010) | Audio-Installation

Audio 7:24 minutes / 10 audio players, 10 headphones, A5 sign with gallery logo presented at information desk

The visitor enters the gallery, goes towards the information desk and picks up an audio guide. He puts on the provided headphones and presses the play button. After an ambient musical introduction, an unknown speaker (the artist) greets the visitor and promises an experience-packed programme, specially formulated for their personal pleasure. The speaker then proceeds to describe the room in which the visitor finds himself:

The room in which we currently find ourselves is a tremendous feat of architectural ingenuity- it brings art into a new light. An artist of local importance was once noted to have said that “the building complex is like an evergreen labyrinth garden”. One feels obliged to add, that this room tucked away in obscurity is surely the beating heart, and what could be better than filling its spirit with international contemporary works of art.

The guide is nothing but generic: The deceased founder is reported to be still seen smoking his pipe in the gallery, and the pieces on show have been selected for their unsurpassable quality. But the description is far from specific:

...It has modern as well as classical values, it is at the same time decorative, serious and humorous, it is perhaps slightly erotic for those who enjoy the erotic, and it seems to me it satisfies anything that you could ever want. Contemporary art with the use of mixed media.

The Making of History Present and Future is an ironic playful text exploring themes of representation: 

Who represents what, why and whom?

What effect does history, the telling of story, or poeticised myth have on both corporate, national and personal identity?

Jakopic Gallery, Ljubljana 19.10 - 15.11.2010

Begehungen Art Festival, Chemnitz 18.08 - 21.-08.2011


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