Psalm of a New International (2010) | Installation

Painted text on wall (4 x 3 metres)

Placed on the edge of two galleries, the visitor passing from the Universal Cube to the Colombus Art Foundation during the Spring Rundgang 2010 (open day/tour), was confronted with a large black text that seemed to be neither on nor off the wall, neither part nor introducing the exhibition, but rather suspended in space. A blockade, a freeze frame, a counter action versus a banal phrase, an apparent lack of visual, and a constantly moving perspective. Psalm of a New International is a statement, caught between a time code and a psalm verse. It is a large suspended statement, in essence banal, suspended in time and action. By opposing the real perspective of the wall, the statement counter acts the wall in effort to to make itself physical. It constructs the illusion of a screen between the columns onto which it projects 'itself', however its identity nevertheless depends on the viewers' standpoint to achieve the physicality it desires. Working with the Rudgang's speculations and voyeurisms, in the end, the computational analogy of a large document rends the the content of the 'document' empty. 

"BLOCKADE" Universal Cube, Leipzig, 01. - 30. May 2010


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