Transient Spaces Tourist Syndrome | Residency

Palanga, Lithuania, 3-11 September 2009

The Tourist Syndrome Summer Camp, taking place in Palanga, a renowned seaside resort on the Baltic Sea coast, from 3 to 11 September 2009, invited artists, architects, cultural producers, theorists, and academics to an interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange on new forms of mobility today, with a special focus on the relationship between tourism and migration. 

Selected Participants:
Isa Andreu, Alexandra Alisauskas, Nico Angiuli, Sabrina Aptiz, Alex Auriema, Susan Barnet, Daniel Barney, Katy Beinart, Paula Bialski, Andrea Böning, Johanna Bruckner, David Buob, Manuela Buttiglione, Asa Elzen, Eleonora Farina, Fabian Frenzel, Laura Garbstiene, Jessica Gaudino, Maria Gutowska, Hjördis Hoffmann, Candice Jee, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Emily Kocken, Katya Lachowicz, Saulius Leonavicius, Domenico Antonio Mancini, Felix Marlow, Christos Micas, Egle Micikeviciute, Lina Miklaševičiutė, Timothy Moore, Eleni Mouzourou, Egle Obcarskaite, Paul Volker Ohmert, Timea Anita Oravecz, Iz Oztat, Giorgios Papadopoulos, Katarzyna Perlak, Ekaterina Petrova, Agnieszka Roguski, Manuel Prados, Susan Schmidt, Ulrike Solbrig, Anna-Sophie Springer, Susana Velasco, Valentina Vetturi, Eric von Robertson, Fabian Wolf.

Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome is a project by uqbar, Berlin, initiated by Marina Sorbello and Antje Weitzel, in cooperation with Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin; E-M Arts, Naples; ICCA/CIAC, Bucharest; Meno Parkas, Kaunas; funded with support from the European Commission and Foundation of German Lottery Berlin.


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