Friday, 15 February 2013

Eine Arbeit / The Work (2013)

For the Rundgang exhibition of 2013, the class for Intermedia showed an installation entitled “Work”. The spatial installation, which also took place within the original class room, dealt with the theme of art education today and focuses on its practices and strategies. It was based on a type of analysis and reflection about one’s own actions and transforms conversations, in part individual words as well as snippets of conversation and the resulting issues that arise in the context of teaching, into an audio-spatial-sculpture. The starting point of this work was the question: How is an art-theoretical discourse run today? What are the assessment criteria? To what extent can a work be analysed? Is it at all desirable to dissect visual works verbally, or does the theoretical analysis detract from the core, the essence, that which emotionally touches us? So how does reflection and communication function in the art world? To “see” as a child of the light and therefore the opening of the visual world, which the students of an art academy deal with, as well as its opposite: “darkness” are the media of the installation.

Listen to the work HERE

Audio Composition:
Clelia Patrono
Katya Lachowicz
John Mirabel

Gottfried Binder

24 members of the class

15th - 17th February 2013, HGB Leipzig

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